Aflac “Physical Therapy”

After graduating Veterinary School, Mr. Smith spent three years crewing an Alaskan fishing boat while completing his book of existential poetry. Despondent from his failure to find a single publisher, Mr. Smith hitchhiked from Alaska to Colombia where he ran drugs for the Medallion cartel. While in Colombia, Mr. Smith discovered a natural ability to whistle, mimicking the sound of the local jungle bird Los Canarios. As fate would have it, a massive government drug raid and the subsequent downfall of the Medallion cartel, left Mr. Smith unemployed and wandering aimlessly in South America. One day while picking through some trash, Mr. Smith found a dog-eared copy of ‘Ogilvy On Advertising’ and read it cover to cover, instantly recognizing his true calling in life. Mr. Smith set out for Los Angeles to ply his skills as a ’MAD MAN’. The rest they say is history.